Dan Caster OCTOBER TOP 10

Date: 2014-Oct Genre: Tech House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Minimal / Deep House Tracklist: Filthy Rich - Rendezvous (Nathan Barato Remix) Da Posse - In the Heat of the Night (The Black Madonna It's Called Acid Mix) Sirus Hood - Booty Noize (Original Mix) Alex Banks - A Matter of Time (Frank Wiedemann Remix) Hot Since 82 - Somebody ...
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Date: 2014-Oct Genre: Tech House / Deep House Tracklist: NTFO - Porcupai (Original Mix) NTFO - Retrospective (Original Mix) Apollonia - Un Vrai Portugais (Original Mix) El Mundo - The Message (NTFO & Karmon Remix) Apollonia - Sona (Original Mix) Livio & Roby - Ananda (2014 Reinterpretation) David Pher - Footsteps (Original Mix) Download
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Alex Niggemann October TOP10

Date: 2014-Oct Genre: Deep House / Tech House / Techno Tracklist: James Priestley, Marco antonio - Speed (Trevino Remix) Alex Niggemann - Abaton (Original Mix) Coyu - Just Nin (He Cries At Night) (Andre Lodemann Remix) Culoe De Song - Gyser (Original Mix) Stephan Bodzin - Sungam (Original Mix) Sven Vath - L'esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation) Vince Watson - Sonar (Original Mix) Alex Niggemann - Tripping ...
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Alex Twitchy – Drop That Low EP

ARTIST: Alex Twitchy TITLE: Drop That Low EP RELEASE DATE 2014-09-29 LABELS Diamond Clash CATALOG # DC122 STYLE: Nu Disco QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~28.2 Mb Tracklist: Drop That Low (Original Mix) 6:22 /121bpm/ Amin Rage You Random (Original Mix) 5:46 /118bpm/ Amin Download
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Mangaka – Racoon’s Lair

ARTIST: Mangaka TITLE: Racoon’s Lair RELEASE DATE 2014-09-11 LABELS Crumpled Music CATALOG # CM044 STYLE: Deep House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~32.4 Mb Tracklist: Racoon’s Lair (Original Mix) 6:32 /120bpm/ Cmin Summer Story (Original Mix) 7:20 /122bpm/ Amin Download
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Siren – Gauntlet

ARTIST: Siren TITLE: Gauntlet RELEASE DATE 2014-10-17 LABELS Compost CATALOG # CPT4581 STYLE: Nu Disco QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~38.7 Mb Tracklist: Gauntlet (Ray Mang Remix) 8:17 /126bpm/ D#min Gauntlet (Vocal Version) 8:29 /126bpm/ D#maj Download
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Raphael Iserhard – Smash The Disko

ARTIST: Raphael Iserhard TITLE: Smash The Disko RELEASE DATE 2014-10-23 LABELS Oke Records CATALOG # OKE0035 STYLE: Deep House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~61.1 Mb Tracklist: Smash The Disko (CIRKU5 Remix) 5:08 /120bpm/ Dmaj Smash The Disko (GIOC & Dogreen Remix) 7:56 /123bpm/ A#maj Smash The Disko (Original Mix) 8:00 /120bpm/ Cmin Smash The Disko (Robson Gama & MathiasM Remix) 5:20 /126bpm/ Emin Download
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My Digital Enemy feat. Lizzie Massey – To Dust

ARTIST: My Digital Enemy feat. Lizzie Massey TITLE: To Dust RELEASE DATE 2014-10-20 LABELS Toolroom CATALOG # TOOL33601Z STYLE: Tech House/House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~24.8 Mb Tracklist: To Dust (Original Mix) 5:18 /125bpm/ A#min To Dust (Rektchordz Remix) 5:21 /122bpm/ A#min Download
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Uone, Shades Of Gray – Tame The Grain

ARTIST: Uone, Shades Of Gray TITLE: Tame The Grain RELEASE DATE 2014-10-24 LABELS Light My Fire CATALOG # LMF029 STYLE: Tech House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~87.9 Mb Tracklist: Cosmic Galaxy (DJ Schwa’s Stripped Back Remix) 8:24 /122bpm/ Fmaj Tame The Grain (Joshua Jesse Remix) 7:50 /120bpm/ Emin Cosmic Galaxy (Original Mix) 8:32 /122bpm/ Fmaj Tame The Grain (Be Svendsen Remix) 6:20 /122bpm/ Amin Tame ...
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Date: 2014-Oct Genre: Progressive House / Electro House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco / House Tracklist: Adam Rickfors - Auroras (Original Mix) Tommy Trash, Wax Motif - HEX (Original Mix) Funkerman, Fedde Le Grand, Shermanology - 3 Minutes To Explain feat. Shermanology (Funkerman Fame Mix) Knife Party - Begin Again (Original Mix) Natema - Everybody Does (Original Mix) Charli Xcx - Boom ...
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Fernando Santos OCTOBER TOP 10

Date: 2014-Oct Genre: House / Tech House / Deep House Tracklist: Patrick Topping - Too Much (Original Mix) Sidney Charles - Malindi (Original Mix) Cristoph - Do To Me (Original Mix) Route 94 - Fly 4 Life (Original Mix) Ed Ed - I Got (Something You Need) (Oliver $ Remix) Milk & Sugar - Needin U With Barbara Tucker (Doorly Remix) Doorly, Shadow Child ...
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Date: 2014-Oct Genre: Tech House / Deep House / Techno Tracklist: Josh Wink - Talking To You (Original Mix) Martin Eyerer, Ackermann - Dance In Daylight (Original Mix) Martin Eyerer, Ackermann - The Wolf (Original Mix) Yannick Labbe, Dominik Marz - Other Side (Original Mix) &ME - Blitz (Rampa & Re.You AKA RAR Remix) Wollion, Harada - Thinking Less (Original Mix) Benoit & Sergio ...
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Heartik – Say U Gotta Say

ARTIST: Heartik TITLE: Say U Gotta Say RELEASE DATE 2014-10-20 LABELS Witty Tunes CATALOG # WT191 STYLE: Tech House/Deep House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~33.0 Mb Tracklist: Say U Gotta Say (Original Mix) 8:30 /125bpm/ Amin Say U Gotta Say (Sllash & Doppe Remix) 5:35 /122bpm/ A#maj  Label Supporters Include: Danny Tenaglia, Richie Hawtin, Mark Knight, Joseph Capriati, Umek, Pleasurekraft, Stacey Pullen, The Scumfrog, Butch, ...
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Wehbba Best of October

Genre:Techno/Tech-House Tracks: Butch - LFO (Original Mix) Macromism - Dont Say Back (Original Mix) Audiojack - Jacobs Ladder (Original Mix) Adriatique - Rollox (Original Mix) Christian Smith - Who You Are (Original Mix) Stephan Bodzin - Sungam ANNA - Swamp Wehbba - Sweatbox Sven Vath - L'esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation) download
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Carl Cox – Global Radio 604 (25 Years STREETrave, Ayr Racecourse, United Kingdom) 2014-10-17 Best Tracks

Genre:Electronic Carl Cox presents - Global 604 (17 October 2014) by Chemicalgroove on Mixcloud Tracks: Dj Rolando A.K.A the Aztec mystic - Jaguar Brothers In Rhythm ‎-- Peace And Harmony (Everlasting Love Mix Off Shore - I Can't Take The Power Atlantic Ocean. Waterfall Joey Beltram - Mentasm Bizarre Inc - Such A Feeling Kevin Saunderson - Rock to the beat (Christian ...
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Newmanhere – Bridge Party | Bullets

ARTIST: Newmanhere TITLE: Bridge Party | Bullets RELEASE DATE 2014-09-09 LABELS Nervous Records CATALOG # NER23416 STYLE: Tech House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~31.1 Mb Tracklist: Bridge Party (Original Mix) 6:46 /123bpm/ Amaj Bullets (Original Mix) 6:38 /124bpm/ Fmaj Download
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Ricky Fobis, Lady Brian – Nepal

ARTIST: Ricky Fobis, Lady Brian TITLE: Nepal RELEASE DATE 2014-10-20 LABELS Natura Viva CATALOG # NAT214 STYLE: Techno QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~51.4 Mb Tracklist: Nepal (Igor S Remix) 6:32 /125bpm/ Amin Nepal (Maverickz Remix) 7:23 /124bpm/ Gmaj Nepal (Original Mix) 8:05 /125bpm/ Amin Download
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Lizzie Curious – Disco Sax

ARTIST: Lizzie Curious TITLE: Disco Sax RELEASE DATE 2014-10-20 LABELS Sphera Records CATALOG # SPH140 STYLE: House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~15.7 Mb Tracklist: Disco Sax (Original Mix) 6:48 /125bpm/ Amin Download
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AIMES – Time For Us

ARTIST: AIMES TITLE: Time For Us RELEASE DATE 2014-10-20 LABELS Wonder Stories CATALOG # WS005 STYLE: Nu Disco QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~26.8 Mb Tracklist: The Bubble Jam (Original Mix) 5:41 /115bpm/ Gmaj Time For Us (Original Mix) 5:48 /113bpm/ Dmin Download
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DJ Simi, Marcus Raute – Appleboom

ARTIST: DJ Simi, Marcus Raute TITLE: Appleboom RELEASE DATE 2014-10-22 LABELS Plastic City. Play CATALOG # PLAY1538 STYLE: Deep House QUALITY: 320kbps SIZE: ~62.9 Mb Tracklist: Appleboom (Original Mix) 7:02 /123bpm/ Emin Appleboom (Plastic Deep Mix) 6:00 /123bpm/ Emin Uprising Elements (Original Mix) 7:21 /123bpm/ Amin Uprising Elements (Plastic Deep Mix) 6:29 /121bpm/ Amin Download
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